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My Smileys

Here you will find the many Smileys, or Emoticons as some call them, I have collected off various repositories I've visited over the years. They can be used for Forum Posting, Bulletin Board Posting, & Blog Posting. You can also put them in your eMails, & IM's.

Feel free to look through them. If you see anything you like, click on it so it appears on the right viewing screen, & then right-click on that view.

Now use   'save image...'   to save it onto your computer. They are all free for your own personal use.


My WallPapers

Here you will find quite a few Wallpapers I have gathered over the years. Please feel free to look through them all, & as with my Smileys, if you see some you like by all means download it the same way as above. They are free for your own personal use.


Come back & visit often.

I will be continually adding new

Smileys & Wallpapers!







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